A Message of Love to All Our Neighbors

           CDC/KY Government COVID-19 Guidelines & Recommendations – Updated May 2021

We are committed to protecting all persons accessing the building, including those who are vaccinated,  those who can’t be vaccinated and those who choose not to be vaccinated.  Additionally, we are offering a hybrid worship service for both in-person and remote attendance via ZOOM!  This will be our new “normal!”  For now, the following guidelines are in place as we thankfully & carefully resume in person worship!

            Indoor & Outdoor Gatherings/Entry

    Masks are necessary, (indoors & outdoors) and should be properly worn (covering nose and mouth).

    Masks will be provided to those who do not have them.

    Social distancing will be maintained.  Seating in every other pew will be left vacant.

    Hand Sanitizer will be available in the Narthex.

           Contact Tracing

    Deacons will maintain attendance records including phone numbers.

    Temperature checks will not be taken. However, transparency & full disclosure of symptoms is encouraged.

   Those with temperatures should stay home and are encouraged to participate remotely.  

    If positive cases of COVID-19 are reported, the congregation will be notified.

           Offering & Communion

    Offering plates, Communion trays, Sign-Up sheets and other things will not be passed in the pews.

    An Offering tray will be available in the Narthex.  The Deacons will oversee the collection.

   You are invited to bring your own elements for Communion. If you do not, we will provide Communion elements for you.


    The church’s musical group will provide the music, but congregational singing will be discouraged at this time, if you are participating on in-person worship.

   All are invited to use clapping and/or musical instruments (rhythm sticks, tambourine, drums, maracas, shakers, castanets, claves, etc.), instead of singing. 

           Coffee & Snack Fellowship

    Coffee/Snacks will be offered prior to worship service--outdoors only, at this time.

           Child Care  & Monthly Fellowship Meals

    Not yet available….no in-person Sunday School and Child Care will be offered at this time. 

       Fellowship Meals will resume at a later date. TBD

           Cleaning & Hygiene

    Bathroom access will temporarily require entry from the Peace Garden door, closest to the library. 

    Common area and surface cleaning will continue.  Clorox wipes will be made available in the bathroom.  Signs will ask that toilet seat, tank handle and sink be wiped down by users before and after each use.