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How do I become a member?

Joining A Presbyterian Church


There is nothing better than the feeling of community that you experience as a church member!  Warm and lasting friendships are often forged between people who were complete strangers prior to joining a congregation for worship.  When the regular attendance and welcoming prompt us to become a member of such a congregation there are three ways you can join a Presbyterian Church.   They are:


  • Profession of Faith for people who have never professed their belief in God, joined a church or been baptized.


  • Re-affirmation of Faith for people who have been church members previously but have been inactive to the point of being dropped from the church roles or been in a church that does not send out letters of transfer for members wanting to change churches.


  • Letter of Transfer for people who are in good standing in another church and such a letter allows for the validation of that status. 


No matter which way you choose to unite with a Presbyterian Church, the church Session will meet with you and after prayerful discussion vote to accept you.  At that time there is usually a future Sunday chosen for the pastor to recognize you and the congregation to have an opportunity to welcome you. 


Let BPC be your church family!

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