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The Learning Hub
"La Escuelita"

Beechmont Presbyterian opened a Learning Hub in January 2021 to assist JCPS students who were learning remotely as part of the district's NTI. We partnered with Rev. Elmer Zavala and the Presbyterian Hispanic Latino Ministry of Preston Highway and identified 10 students whose primary language is Spanish, many of whom came to our city via caravan from Honduras. These students had gone for 7-8 months without formal education due to the pandemic and had been falling behind due to language and other barriers. We were able to continue our ministry through the summer of 2021, serving 18 students as a site of JCPS' Backpack League which provided academic support for these students as well as social-emotional support. 


As another school year approached we began seeing a need to continue our ministry and closely walk alongside these families as they navigate school in Louisville amidst the ongoing pandemic and while coping with traumas endured in their home countries and in the caravans. Many of the families had arrived in Louisville less than a year before the pandemic hit so they are still learning a new culture. In October 2021 we transformed the Learning Hub into an after school program which provides homework help, enrichment activities, ESL assistance, and support for families.  The Learning Hub is open Tuesday - Thursday whenever JCPS schools are in session.

The Learning Hub is run entirely by volunteers. And we are so grateful for everyone who lends their support:  helping our kids read, playing games, teaching life skills like baking and sewing, engaging our kids in art projects, driving kids to and from the program, contacting parents and schools, providing snacks and other donations, grant-writing and networking, organizing schedules, praying for our children and volunteers. 

Interested in serving? Have any questions?

Please contact Debbie Braaksma at 248-296-5530 or


Interview with Pastor Elmer about the Honduran Immigrant Experience and the importance of the Learning Hub.

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